Our "Why" : We believe that our future relies on a generation of critically thinking, STEM literate, global learners -- who have the problem solving skills to tackle issues on community, national, and global scales. The way to achieve that? Ensure that all learners can, and want to, access, explore, and use knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. We work to ensure families and communities can inspire their young people to explore knowledge; we work with educators to bring STEM exploration and experts into their classrooms; we work to use low-cost, or exigent, tinkerable technologies to increase access to STEM knowledge and ways to explore it; and we help all learners, of all ages, to explore knowledge themselves.

Family and Community STEM

Inspiring Exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) for Families and Communities


Exploration Tech

Developing and deploying low-cost, tinkerable, STEM Exploration Technologies for local impacts around the world

educator Partnerships

Supporting Partnerships and Professional Learning for Communicators, Instructors, Experts, and Learners

Learning Expeditions

Guiding STEM explorations and expeditions on- and off-line to expand capacity and methods in learning through exploration