Our crew, mostly volunteers, around the world help us to coordinate our different projects and programs. Our crew provide their local inputs to insure that we can have meaningful local impacts globally. Meet our crew, including our board of directors, on this page. If you are interested in becoming a crew member, please let us know!

  The CREW

Our Board of Directors

Yacine Delimi

Strategic Coordinator

Johnnason David

Family and Community

Nawaz Mohd

Global Coordinator

Camilo Reyes

Deputy Gloabl Coordinator

Simmie Nyanfor

West Africa Coordinator

Adam Simon

Campus Ambassadors

Jallah Sumbo

High School Scholars

Chalaty Young

Young STEM Professionals

Tony Luo

Social Media Advisor

Harish Kuse

India Coordinator

Ali Haydar Zorluer

Turkey Coordinator

Salia Sherrif

#Africa25 Coordinator

Vlad Pribula

Chair of the Board

Zach Kruchoski

Secretary & COO

Meghan Dorn


Heather Flewelling


Chris Fallon

Treasurer & CFO

Brandon Cole

Senior Director & CTO

Philippa Ronan


Greyson Watkins


Our Mission Crew