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#3FORSTEM - A Global Future


Our current focus is to sustain our, and our InsightSTEMmers, ongoing efforts to support *1* Families & Communities, *2* Teachers & Classrooms, and *3* Students sharing STEM knowledge. Learn More »

Big Ideas for Africa 2030


We and our Liberian InsighSTEMmers held a symposium to find our guiding "Big Ideas for STEM Education in Africa" from the grassroots students, teachers and communities. Read more »

Professional Learning For All


Did you know that we can arrange presentations, seminars, workshops and more around the world for instructors, parents, community leaders and students? Learn more now »

Our Key Working Areas

We work with members our grassroots movement to democratize STEM knowledge through exploratory learning

Inspiring Exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) for Families and Communities

Supporting Partnerships and Professional Learning for Communicators, Instructors, Experts, and Learners

Developing and deploying low-cost, tinkerable, STEM Exploration Technologies for local impacts around the world

Guiding STEM explorations and expeditions on- and off-line to expand capacity and methods in learning through exploration

 Over 600 grassroots activists and growing

Students, Teachers, Parents, and STEM Professionals around the world are supporting STEM Learning. Join us to build a future where all minds can be critically thinking, STEM literate, global learners...


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