Our Mission:

Create media to share the excitement of the exploration of STEM knowledge and encourage broader participation in STEM education and STEM career paths worldwide!

Democratizing Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Knowledge through Exploration


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Day 5


Arrival should be on Sunday into Denpasar airport. Participants are responsible for their own travel and immigration requirements to Indonesia (most nations may enter visa free for 30 days of tourism)


You will be met at DPS and driven to your accommodation in Ubud.


Everything between when we pick you up in Denpasar Airport until we drop you back off is included in the program! (including accommodation, food, activities, etc..)


If we allow you to participate at below your fundraising minimum there may be costs for some activities.


Departure should ideally be on Saturday from Denpasar airport. We will get you back to DPS in time for your flight out as a part of the program!


For participants spending both weeks, we will decide middle-weekend activities as a team!


Primary Mission of the Day:


We will explore the volcanic regions of northern Bali, hiking to the summit of one to investigate the changing geological processes and ecosystems that work together.


Begin finding ways to share our exploration experiences globally!

Base Camp Actvity:


We will enjoy an evening of traditional Balinese and Indonesian cuisine... but not without also exploring the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics knowledge that has been passed down to get the food onto the plate.

Primary Mission of the Day:


Mountain bike though Bali's rice paddy irrigation systems and explore the agricultural science and water and chemical cycles of this essential system.


Find ways to share alternative views of agriculture and ecoculture.

Base Camp Actvity:


Have an evening of Indonesian culture experiencing traditional dance, music, and cuisine!


Develop ways to connect arts and culture to science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Primary Mission of the Day:


Exploration of the tropical South Pacific getting an underwater perspective on this ecosystem.


Develop new ways to convey messages about evolution, diversity, ecology, and preservation.

Base Camp Actvity:


Exploration of the tropical night sky led by Dr. Jake Noel-Storr, PhD Astrophysicist.


Help us find ways to share the wonders of the Universe from this unique tropical perspective.

Primary Mission of the Day:


Explore tropical animals in the monkey forest, elephant park, safari park, and/or zoo. Consider issues of tourism, ecology, preservation of species, and how they can work together.


Find ways to share new insights.

Base Camp Actvity:


We will transfer out of Ubud this evening and travel to the beach for our last day of activities.

Primary Mission of the Day:


A day of selected explorations on the beach -- from both land and sea depending on the preferences of the group. Global climate, tourism, and many other factors affect this region -- how can we make sure future generations understand their local impacts have impacts here.

Base Camp Actvity:


We will say good bye as we relax for the evening on the beach and share and reflect on all of the experience of the week, and how you will be able to share STEM knowledge through exploration on your return home!

For Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education we aim:

  • To produce multi media resources that will motivate more individuals to participate in STEM exploration
  • To produce media that teachers can use to promote STEM literacy and global thinking

For InsightSTEM our mission crew aims to:

  • Build a library of resources that can be used by our grassroots networks to support exploration with
    • Teachers & Classrooms
    • Families & Communities
    • Explorers of Knowledge

All of our participants in our mission crew will:

  • Leave with new skills in sharing STEM through exploration
  • Leave with materials and programs to use in STEM outreach and education
  • Leave with a global network of like minded peers!

Registered Crew Members WEEK 1 ... Click this bar to get your spot!

 Registered Crew Members WEEK 1  ... Click this bar to get your spot!

Registered Crew Members WEEK 2 ... Click this bar to get your spot!

 Registered Crew Members WEEK 2 ... Click this bar to get your spot!