Our Mission:

Develop new STEM exploration activities to bring back and test in your classroom and to work with InsightSTEM to share world wide for the future of STEM literacy and Critical Thinking...



Physical Sciences

Life Sciences




For Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education we aim:

  • To develop a new set of integrated, authentic, STEM classroom 'lessons' to support teachers delivering curricula in new ways worldwide
  • To provide integrated STEM learning models that really work

For InsightSTEM our mission crew aims to:

  • Build a library of resources that can be used by our grassroots networks to support exploration with Teacher and Classrooms Worldwide
  • Have on hand world class exemplars to drive policy

All of our participants in our mission crew will:

  • Leave with new skills in sharing STEM through exploration
  • Leave with practical plans for their own teaching environments back home
  • Leave with a global network of like minded peers!

Professional Learning in Paradise

50% of your time will be spent in professional learning activities and workshops out in the field on Bali. These opportunities could include local instrument building, volcano exploration, observations in the monkey forest, or exploring the ocean environment.

Personal Classroom Development

25% of your time is spent in a co-working environment where you can brainstorm and work on plans to take back to your own classroom environment -- ensuring that you leave with things that you will be able to use on day 1 when you get back to school! (For the last 25% see culture)

Physical Sciences A:


This track will give you opportunities to focus on Bamboo Building techniques. How Buildings are constructed from Bamboo, and how project teams working in your classrooms could design, build, and test Bamboo structures for different requirements and conditions

Physical Sciences B:


This track focuses on the physics of sound though the medium of traditional instruments such as pan-pipes, gamelan, and more! Develop was that groups in you classroom could build, test and measure the properties of these instruments while discovering standing wave equations

Life Sciences A:


In this track you will investigate all levels of the island's plant and water cycles, and develop ways to bring bamboo based explorations back to your classroom for you students to be able to create, understand, and measure biological system cycles of various kinds.

Life Sceinces B:


In this track you will investigate animal and plant life of this island environment, and come up with ways that your students will be able to remotely explore these environments by collecting data that you can return to the classroom for them to investigate and analyze.

Integrating STEM A:


Similar to the Life Sciences track you will connect together aspects from the physical and life science track in terms of all of the cycles (water, carbon, etc...) that are present in the island environment, and design and develop ways of bringing explorations back to your classroom

Integrating STEM B:


Similar to the Physical Sciences track you will work with bamboo instruments, how to build them in your classroom, and how to get your students to hypothesize, experiment, and make discoveries about the sounds that they can create with their own projects

25% Daytime Activities


We will have time for experiences around Bali life and culture -- visiting local areas, exploring the ocean and volcanoes, and visits to museums, temples or other cultural sites. We will design the program around our participants, bringing you the best of Bali always shown to us by locals!



During our off the clock time, there will be plenty more opportunity for Bali life -- including opportunities to have some spa or yoga time, to check out some arts and crafts shopping, consume local food and drink, and watch local dance and cultural events!

Arrival should be on Sunday into Denpasar airport. Participants are responsible for their own travel and immigration requirements to Indonesia (most nations may enter visa free for 30 days of tourism)


You will be met at DPS and driven to your accommodation in Ubud.


Everything between when we pick you up in Denpasar Airport until we drop you back off is included in the program! (including accommodation, food, activities, etc..)


If we allow you to participate at below your fundraising minimum there may be costs for some activities.


Departure should ideally be on Saturday from Denpasar airport. We will get you back to DPS in time for your flight out as a part of the program!


If you are choosing to stay for longer in Bali on your own, we can work with you to get you to where you want!


Democratizing Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Knowledge through Exploration